…that’s still a thing, right?

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Hello! It’s been a while, but look who I finally found today! I’m beyond happy!
I haven’t come across any dolls I’ve REALLY wanted for a while, but I’ve always really wanted Slo Mo since Ghoulia is my favourite. 

None of my local stores seemed to stock him and I found him all on his lonesome in Tesco today. I couldn’t believe it and didn’t want to leave him to go get my sister to help me get him down in case someone else took him while I was gone. A random woman asked did I need help, and usually I’m too shy to accept help, but I was brave this time because I really wanted him. xD 

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It’s been a while, but happy No Shame Sunday from Ghoulia and I. :D 

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Lil Kristoff!
Look who arrived the other day! Toddler Kristoff from Frozen. I haven’t actually seen the movie yet.. but I knew I’d end up getting this doll anyway. Plus Jonathan Groff does his voice so I’m obvs gonna love him. :D 

Still have Clawdia and Honey Swamp to photo too, really need to get around to that. (:

ALSO, happy No Shame Sunday!

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Howdy People!

I know it’s been ages. I kinda had to quit cold turkey. xD 

I’ve barely bought any dolls in ages, but I did get a Pocahontas Animator Doll for Christmas. She’s super cute! And then my sister got me a £40 gift voucher for Smyths. I bought Clawdia Wolf and Honey Swamp with it. I still haven’t opened or photographed them yet though. 

I’ve been so restrained considering all the awesome dolls that have come out recently. I was really hoping to get Slo Mo, but I can’t find him anywhere other than Ebay and I’m not paying what they’re charging. D:

I would also really like Viperine Gorgon and Boolittle. Just don’t really want to spend that much on them right now. Hopefully I won’t miss my chance. 

Hope everyone is well. :)

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And this is after. :D 

I actually can’t believe how many dolls I have now. I’m kinda running out of space on my shelves. Toying with the idea of selling some of the ones I’m not so attached to, to make room for ones I really want and just stick to ones I REALLY want. Think I got a little carried away, which would be okay if I had a lot of space.. but I really don’t. :/ 

We’ll see though. For now I’ll just appreciate the pretty. ;D 

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…So I kinda let my unopened doll collection build up too much and I was forced to open them all tonight since there’s little to no space in my room and I need to tidy it for Christmas. So my sis and I made our way through these dolls, opening them. 

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Howdy fellow toy collectors. o:

I’ve kind of been a little MIA. Trying to avoid buying more dolls.

I’d say out of sight, out of mind etc.. but considering my room is full of them, I guess they’re not completely out of sight or mind. :D

My Scarah arrived. I still have to photograph her. D: Been a bit preoccupied. I love her. Though she does have a flaw. She must have been boxed before her lipstick was dry and some has come off on the box. I’ll probably repaint her lips at some point. 

So any news on new releases in the UK or anything? o:

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I can’t believe I hadn’t posted this yet! My 13 Wishes Frankie arrived urm.. like last week? I love her. She’s even nicer in person. So glad I got her for such a bargain. :) 

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This is little Pascal on the spoon straw of my cup. I think he’s adorable and he deserved a pic of his own. :D 

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